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Knowledgeable resources to help you get the most from your service provider

At Southwest Developmental Services, Inc., we want to use our network of resources, providers, and contacts within your local community to help you access the quality services you or your loved one needs. Rely on us for resources and referrals for service to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We have two convenient offices in Garden City and Great Bend.


Do you need help finding a Targeted Case Management provider (TCM)? We can help! Call us today at

620-275-7521 or at 620-793-7604 in Great Bend for more information.

How we can assist you with your needs

  • Provide you with information on local service choices and provider availability at least annually, as well as whenever you ask.

  • Assist you with changing services, service providers, and changing from agency-directed services to self-directed services.

  • Provide you with an annual Functional Assessment (BASIS).

  • Answer your questions about the annual assessment.

  • Answer your questions about your current funding and eligibility.

Questions to ask when selecting a case management service

  • How much experience do your case managers have?

  • How long have your case managers worked for your agency?

  • What's your turnover rate for case managers in your agency?

  • How many individuals does each of your case managers serve?

  • Are your case managers knowledgeable about local community resources and community inclusion and integration programs?

  • Can I meet potential case managers before I sign a choice form?

  • How often will my case manager contact me?

  • If my case manager is unavailable, how will you provide me with case management service on a backup basis?

  • If I don't have Medicaid, do you provide case management on a private-pay basis?

  • If yes, what are your pay rates?

  • Do you have a sliding fee scale?

Get access to quality resources in your local community.

Resolving problems with your provider

Are you having problems with your TCM? Contacting your case manager's supervisor is usually your first option. If that doesn't help, please contact our office directly. We have policies and procedures in place to help you resolve any disputes.


If you choose to change your TCM provider, contact us. We offer options counseling to help you choose from your local options for case management agencies. We'll also assist you throughout the transition process.


If you have any other questions, concerns, or needs, feel free to contact us anytime.


Contact our office today to learn more.


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  • Assistive services: Equipment and modifications to your home to improve your health, independence, productivity, and integration into the community. These include van lifts, ramps, and remodeling for accessibility.

  • Medical Alert rental: Covers the cost for you to have a medical alert device.

  • Day supports: Provides adults above the age of 18 with regularly scheduled events to help foster a sense of participation, accomplishment, personal reward, and contribution in your community.

  • Supported employment: Provides adults above the age of 18 with support through job coaches and other assistance to get or maintain integrated, competitive employment in your community.

  • Residential supports: Provides adults above the age of 18 who live outside of their family's home with assistance in building, maintaining, and improving the skills you need to ensure your health and welfare in non-family residential settings.

  • Personal assistance services: Provides you with individualized attendant care services including bathing, shopping, financial management, and recreation.

  • Sleep cycle support: Provides you with physician-ordered, medically necessary assistance to families in emergency situations or in special needs cases.

  • Supportive home care: For both children and adults who live in their family's home, provides assistance with daily living and other basic needs. These may include help with medications, shopping, meal preparation, and accessing medical care.

  • Wellness monitoring: Ensures that you are properly using medical health services as prescribed by your physician and includes a wellness evaluation by a registered nurse.

Services available in the I/DD system

These services may vary with respect to the availability of funding, resources, or private pay. Contact our office for more information.

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