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The definition of a crisis

People who are in crisis or at imminent risk of a crisis must either:


1. Require protection from confirmed abuse, neglect, or exploitation or written documentation of pending action for the same, or


2. Are at significant, imminent risk of serious harm to self or others.

The crisis process

To submit a crisis request, you must contact your local case manager or CDDO

A written request is required to be submitted to


  • The CDDO will make a determination as to if you meet the definition of a crisis

  • If the CDDO recommends approval, your information will be sent to KDADS for review and final determination

  • KDADS will review your information and issue a notice of action to you, the CDDO, and the MCO, if applicable

  • If you are found to not meet the crisis definition by the CDDO or KDADS, you will receive a notice of action that explains your right to appeal the decision and how to do so.

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Our affiliated providers

SDSI contracts with many different affiliate providers who provide a vast array of services to individuals in Southwest and Central Kansas.


These Community Service Providers include two large multi-state corporations, a local not-for-profit organization, many large and medium-sized locally owned businesses and several individuals providing services to one or two individuals. SDSI currently has over one thousand eligible individuals in our service area.