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At Southwest Developmental Services, Inc., we're dedicated to helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities obtain the help they need through resources and referrals to quality local services. If you or a loved one need assistance, contact either of our convenient offices in Garden City or Great Bend today. Additional information about how we can help you get started is mentioned below.

How you can apply for services

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If you are eligible for services,

If you are determined to be eligible for services, our office will notify you through the mail of your eligibility. We will also schedule an appointment with you to complete a functional assessment. This assessment is a requirement to receive Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD) services in the State of Kansas.


The information obtained from the functional assessment will be entered electronically into the Kansas Assessment Management Information System, or KAMIS.


This assessment will gather information about the individual's demographics, medical conditions and support needs, daily living support needs, and challenging behavior support needs.


The functional assessment also determines your eligibility for services through the Home and Community-Based Services and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities program, and places your name on the statewide waiting list.

If you are found to not be eligible for services

If you are determined to be ineligible for service, we will notify you through the mail. The letter will give you details about what part of the eligibility criteria wasn't met and give you information about other resources available in your community to help you meet your needs.

The waiting list for services

The Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) maintains a statewide list of people waiting for services through the I/DD program. Southwest Developmental Services, Inc. assists KDADS with managing the waiting list; however, we cannot tell you your position on the list.

The waiting list process

When KDADS determines that new individuals can be served under the I/DD program, the following things happen:

  • A letter offering access to the HCBS I/DD Program funding is mailed to that person.

  • That person is given at least 14 days to respond.

  • The person can respond by mail or over the phone.

  • If the person doesn't respond, they will be sent a final notice that includes the last day they have to respond by.

  • People who accept funding will need to contact the CDDO and also the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to begin the process of receiving services.


Contact either of our offices to begin your application process. In order for the application to be processed, the individual applying for services must be residing in one of the 18 counties served by SDSI. We'll start by asking you for some general information and you'll get an intake packet with instructions on how to obtain all of the information needed.


We would be happy to schedule a time to meet with you in person to go over the packet if you prefer.


To qualify for services, the individual applying must have a diagnosis of intellectual disability or other qualifying developmental disability diagnosed by a medical or behavioral health care professional licensed in the State of Kansas.


For more detailed eligibility information, check out our eligibility guide.

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SDSI projects

In addition to the CDDO operations, SDSI owns and maintains three HUD projects. These projects are made up of eleven group homes and forty-six apartments with a total capacity of housing 164 individuals.


This housing was constructed from 1982 to 1994 and is exclusively for the use of adults with developmental disabilities.


Housing is located in Garden City and Liberal.